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Who are we?

Two people who were disillusioned with working for big companies driven solely by profit. We wanted to work for ourselves but find
a great product that would make a positive difference to peoples lives. 
We heard about CBD and started to research it. The more we researched the more we saw the positive impact it was having around the world. After spending a year researching the industry we settled on the best quality, broad spectrum CBD oils in the UK, and CBD Naturae
was born. Now we get to work for ourselves and make a difference to the lives of our customers. What more could you ask for?

Why choose us?

Broad Spectrum

Brings all the benefits of the Hemp plant

The CBD in our products is CO2 extracted which means you get all the terpenes in the plant along with CBD.

Chemical Profile

You can trust
the science

All our products are supported by chemical profiles which means you know exactly what you are buying.

Quality Sealed

Secure, from us
to you

Our oil drops have a quality seal so you can trust what you are buying.

Low Carbon

We care about the environment

We do not produce excess packaging and all of our postal packaging is fully recyclable. Doing our bit for the world we live in. 

UK based

We are only a phone call or a click away

We are based in London and our suppliers are in England. If you need to contact us we are here for you.


Free From

We have your
needs covered

All of our oil drops are non-GMO, Gluten-free and Vegan friendly. Our balm and massage oil contain no GMO ingredients. 

We care about you

We believe in what we do. We only want the best for our customers. We know exactly where our products came from and each one has a full chemical profile for you to trust what you are buying. This is not just a business to us it is our life.
Thank you for choosing CBD Naturae.